How to prepare for sex if you are a teen guy?

If you are a teen male, you might want to take active steps in order to prepare for the first sex. You’ll need to learn more about the female body, the way girls reach orgasms and what techniques you can use in order to get better at sex.

What to do?

First, you should watch some porn videos with teen pornstars. This way you’ll learn a bit about the ways you can use in order to improve your sex games.

Second, consider reading various blog articles about the female orgasm. We can’t stress it enough – the woman’s orgasm is very different from what the males experience since it’s not an ejaculation of sperm. And, importantly, women need to work toward reaching the climax.

Third, try to connect with your girlfriend physically. A good option is to align your breathing with hers.

Breathe in and out right at the times when she’s doing it. This way, you’ll feel very close physically and she’ll have a better time in bed with you.

In return for your active efforts to improve, she’ll be much more willing to please you in various ways, including felatio, threesomes, kinky games (BDSM, edging, role-playing, prove striptease sessions and more).