How to get better at sex as a teen girl?

So, you are a teen girl but you feel ready to have sex for the first time? It’s no wonder that you might be having certain trepidations about the whole thing. Just brooding over it won’t do much good. It’s a much better option to take active steps in order to improve.

Here’s a couple of the basic things you can do.

1. Watch some porn

Watch some teen pornstars in actions, so that you feel in sync with the action on the screen. Watch they behave around males, what kind of techniques they use for petting, felatio.

2. Buy a dildo

If you are a bit scared of the “one-eyed monster”, you might want to purchase a dildo and play with it, so that you get accustomed to handling this apparatus.

3. Do some cam chatting

Today, it’s pretty to hook up with a guy via webcamming. You can chat, flirt and show your privates to each other.

In this way, you’ll surely get rid of your shyness and inhibitions you might still be holding on to.

As you can see, you can make your sexcapades much more fun and pleasant if you take some active steps and don’t just sit on your hands!